Monday, January 5, 2009

As I sit here, lonely and broken hearted...

I just have to remember that I can go in the living room and kill hordes of zombies!

Man oh man, I love zombies. Stories, games, movies. I'm addicted. Sarah says so too.

Nah, I'm not really sitting here lonely (well, lonely yeah, she's at work) nor broken hearted. Just perusing the net for ghost pictures. :D

How be ye?


  1. I be good. Watchin' some new movies! :oD

  2. Oh good gawd you baby, I'm going to have Sarah put you over her knee and we can all take a crack at your big ole bum ;) Yeah it's me :P

  3. Are you playing Left for dead? and if you are do you scream like a little girl when the witches come like Zion does?

  4. Yay I found you! I got your SS gift. Thanks so much!


  5. Mando - sweet!
    Pan - No
    Beauty - You wisk ;)
    Sammi - *shuffles around slowly and moans*
    Lubie - Yes, Left 4 Dead, no screaming from the witches, though the hunters make me jump.
    Gill - Glad it finally got there. Had me worried. :)

  6. slowly but surely I, too, am finding everyone!!

  7. No baby I don't wisk you do :P Dude email me so I can get you over on at my diggs

  8. I take it that you have seen 28 days later....

  9. Seen and love it Bobby! Shaun of the Dead is also one of my faves.

    Beauty. Wisk. Wish. lol

  10. HEY! Man, I'm glad that you came here and that you found me. I thought that we would have to continue on through snail mail for a few minutes there. I hope that your holidays were great. Thanks so much for the Christmas card! I'll be adding you to the list of people I follow right now. I'll be seeing you!